David Hockney

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York

27 NOV 2017 - 25 FEB 2018
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For nearly 60 years, David Hockney (British, born 1937) has pursued a singular career with a love for painting and its intrinsic challenges. A major retrospective at The Metropolitan Museum of Art—the show’s only North American venue, opening November 27, 2017—honors the artist in his 80th year by presenting his most iconic works and key moments of his career from 1960 to the present. Working in a wide range of media with equal measures of wit and intelligence, Hockney, has examined, probed, and questioned how to capture the perceived world of movement, space, and time in two dimensions. The exhibition David Hockney will offer a grand overview of the artist’s achievements across all media, including painting, drawing, photography, and video. From his early experiments with modernist abstraction and mid-career experiments with illusion and realism, to his most recent, jewel-toned landscapes, Hockney has consistently explored the nature of perception and representation with both intellectual rigor and sheer delight in the act of looking.

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CHeckscher.ol... reviewed

David Hockney
@ Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
25 Feb, 2018

Walking from gallery to gallery was like something out of "And now for something completely different" -- continuous experimentation, right up to the present day with iPad-based animated presentations. I didn't like all of it, and probably no one would; but I liked a lot of it, and probably everyone would - given the range and consistent skill.