The Echo of the Urals

Estonian National Museum


01 OCT 2016 - 01 OCT 2035
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"Echo of the Urals" is the permanent exhibition of the Estonian National Museum, offering insight into how the Finno-Ugric peoples might think as well as their culture, languages and genetic background. The exhibition also briefly explores how the tiny Finno-Ugric nation groups are doing today. The exhibition is dedicated to the Finno-Ugric indigenous peoples without their own statehood who inhabit an immense swath of land from Scandinavia in the northern part of Eurasia and the Baltic Sea to the Taymyr Peninsula and Yenisei River in Siberia. The Finno-Ugric are settled down to – in some areas – the Danube and the Volga River, in the south. The central idea of the exhibition is inspired by the differences between the daily activities, rituals and traditional art of Finno-Ugric women and men.