Constance Guisset Design, Actio!

MAD - Arts Decoratifs


14 NOV 2017 - 11 MAR 2018
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From 14 November 2017, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs is giving carte blanche to the designer and scenographer Constance Guisset for a retrospective of ten years of creation. “Constance Guiset, Actio !” invites us to explore the creative universe of an artist who in only a few years has become one of the major figures of French design. Constance Guisset is known for the eclectic and poetic nature of her creations and the fields she explores are indeed wide-ranging: design, scenographies for exhibitions and the performing arts, architecture, installations and videos. Her work transforms our perceptions, creates illusions and awakens emotions. Constance Guisset is proposing an immersive experience divided into two sections, the first focusing on her scenographic creations, the second on her design work. Deployed over a surface area of more than 1,000 square metres in several galleries of the museum’ permanent collection, it takes us through her flagship creations to her most recent works, revealing her creative process. Actio! emphasises both the magical aspect of her creations and the willpower and creative mobility required to conceive objects and give them a real existence. It also evokes the theatrical and cinematic dimension of the scenographer’s work.

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Timothy reviewed

Constance Guisset Design, Actio!
@ MAD - Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France
23 Feb, 2018

Posture, symbols and decor are the three words I came away with. The set up is interesting and fairly original, some sections are cooler than others, but generally I enjoyed strolling through the show. Wasn't crowded either so if you're looking for some time between lovers this is a good one ;)