Tintoretto: Birth of a Genius



07 MAR 2018 - 01 JUL 2018
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The exhibition focuses on the first fifteen years of his career, a decisive period to understand how it was built. It follows the beginnings of an ambitious young man, steeped in Venetian tradition but open to the many novelties coming from the rest of Italy, determined to renew painting in a cosmopolitan Venice. Religious or profane painting, ceiling decoration or small painting, portrait of a person in sight or close friend, drawing or sketch ... the collected works reflect the diversity of the work of Tintoretto and his desire to hit the eye and the spirit by its audacity. The exhibition ultimately retraces the social rise of a man of modest background, son of dyer, who, thanks to his talent, manages to rise in society, to make a name for himself without forget anything about his own origins.

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patrick reviewed

Tintoretto: Birth of a Genius
@ Luxembourg, Paris, France
19 Mar, 2018

Cette exposition met à l'honneur les premières années de l'activité de Tintoret de son vrai nom Jacopo Robusti. Cet homme d'extraction assez simple est d'une ambition d'un culot et d'une audace démesurés, il peint très rapidement et fait des jaloux se fâche avec Le Titien pour ne citer que lui. Ses premiers tableaux peints à l'age de 18 ans sont époustouflants. Véronique Dollfus a fait la scénographie de l'exposition et a voulu que notre regard s'échappe......c'est très interessant!