Monet / Fromanger: Impressions, Soleil, Levant 2019



28 MAR 2019 - 29 SEP 2019
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Fromanger’s dialogue at the Marmatton undertakes a confrontation with the master of this world, Monet himself, whose portrait Fromanger had done in 2017. For all of that, Caillebotte and Pissarro are not left behind. On the contrary, two works by Fromanger from 1970 (Salon de thé Boulevard des Italiens) and the other from 2003, Dos a dos, vert (from the series, Sens dessus, dessous) illustrate the continuity of the connection. This permanence reminds us, as Fromanger puts it so perfectly, that a canvas is never white, but is always already dark with all the work that has preceded it. It is the fruit of an uninterrupted succession and the expression of an unexpected dialogue.